Chief Operating Officer

e: jschoepke@theappshack.com

p: 630-474-4758


Born and raised in the Midwest outside of Chicago, Jason has embraced the hard-working nature of the city that works. Over his career, his experience has ranged from being a first employee in a new startup and has also lead in a senior executive leadership position with a top 100 financial investment corporation. At the end of the day, it’s the people he works with both within and outside of the company that drives his interest in business. 

While he studied engineering, building construction and business, the motivation behind his passion is building. Whether it’s designing and building a house or a business, his mantra is to incorporate ‘objective design’. While Jason loves creativity, he believes before you design or build a product or a business, it needs to start with core objectives of purpose and then look to add brand strategy, style and design. When a business incorporates both clear objectives and an excellent brand strategy design from the beginning, team members can unify around clear business purpose and then look for ways to align themselves to the company’s brand. 

Jason is a co-founding partner of PowerShares Capital Management LLC, an investment management firm that developed the PowerShares family of ETF. The company has listed over 150 ETFs with approximately $100 billion in current franchise assets.  Along with his past role as CMO of the PowerShares business, Jason’s experience includes roles in investment product marketing, distribution, sales, inbound / outbound marketing, communications, public relations, social media, advertising, creative direction, UX / UI design and development & brand strategy.