Tales from Marketing Communication, Pt 1.

So, I’ve written a few times about marketing communication, and I continue to be baffled by peoples attempts to communicate with me. As communications come in that seem way out in left field, I will share them in this series of blog posts called “Tale from Marketing Communication”.

I received this over the last couple weeks.

Hey Kevin,

I’m glad to see you’re picking up steam and must be ramping up your dev team. May I suggest some of our top engineers at <XX Company>? Clutch.co just named us the #1 custom software dev company in New York for 2018.

Our folks excel at building products for VC-backed startups like Convene, ClassPass, Roomi and many more.

You can check out our portfolio here.

How about we get on a quick call and I can tell you more?


OK, not bad, but I doubt you actually see that we are “picking up steam”. That feels disingenuous, faked, word-play. A few days later I receive this from the same person.

Hi Kevin,

Just checking if you are looking for developers.

If yes, why not let me put you in touch with our senior devs? We have a 1,300+ talent pool at <XX Company>. We’re growing so fast that we recently made the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing companies :)

Wanna give it a shot? I’m here and ready for a call whenever you are!


OK. That’s now fine. I’m not looking for developers and this is a still a form letter response, so I am not likely to even respond with a “No, thank you”. Then a few days later, I receive this.


Hi Kevin,

We’ve been successfully working with startups backed by such VC firms as Sequoia Capital and Accel, so it’s really easy for us to marry tech and money.

Let’s schedule a quick call so I can guide you through our multi-domain expertise.

P.S. That’s me waiting for your reply :)


And…. You lost me. Who sends that photo and that type of communication? I am dumbfounded by it. What little interested I had is now gone.

As always, be honest in your marketing. Be personable and genuine in your communication. And I will probably respond.

Kevin Nickell