Marketing Communication, the Genuine Way, Part II

So last time I wrote about some sample communications that were sent to me. Since, I have collected more and have so many thoughts that almost made me write a blog entry. Until this new approach noted below.

In the last couple weeks, I’ve received this email structure at least 12 times. I’ll put in a couple examples here.


One of our clients, a VC-backed Silicon Valley startup in the social/mobile space has just been acquired by a digital media company and we have several great engineers freeing up next month in our dev center in Eastern Europe. 

In short, we have a rockstar dedicated team of developers that built most of the client’s UI and back-end using JavaScript, React.js, Angular and Node.js. Investors are happy and founders are very satisfied references.

One of the guys is Tech Lead with more than 10 years of experience with JavaPython and JavaScript.

They’re now talking with several product companies about possible projects and since Cliqueshare is growing and doing pretty cool things, I thought it would be the perfect time to check in with you. 

Any challenges we can help you with, Kevin?




One of our clients, a VC-backed startup in the travel/finance sphere whom we helped to build an iOS app, which is used by tens of millions of users, has just been acquired by a digital media company. 

Now that opens up room for me, as I have 3 extremely talented iOS and React Native mobile developers who might be looking for a new challenge later in March. 

They have helped different VC-backed startups and well-established companies like GrouponFunny Or Die and more to build mobile apps that are now used worldwide.

Any mobile challenges we can help you with, Kevin?

Best regards,


And lastly…


A VC-backed startup we’ve been working for has been acquired recently. The new owners have a strict policy regarding 3rd party companies, so now I have several talented mobile developers freeing up in a couple of weeks. 

Our guys love React.js and Angular, and they also have years of experience with Node.jsReact NativeJava ecosystem. They’ve built apps for brands like Foodora, Bleacher Report, Groupon, they have great communication skills, and they are inspired by challenges. In fact, 90% of our customers rated them as more skilled than their in-house engineers.

Are there any challenging projects that we can help you with, Kevin?


Now, I consider myself strong at deductive reasoning, so therefore the likelihood of this occurring to 12 different development shops in the last couple weeks, who also used this occurrence to send out an incredibly similar mass mailer to potential customers, seems very low. So I am gonna go ahead and assume this is a complete lie and they are just trying to drum up interest.

Obvious lies in email do not garner my interest and will never receive a response from me, unless it is to toy with the sender.

It kind of baffles me to think this tactic works. It doesn’t take much for me to notice I am getting the same story from lots of people and see a pattern that cannot possibly be true.

Be honest in your marketing. Be personable and genuine in your communication. And I will probably respond.

Thanks for reading, and stay away from developers recently fired by VC-backed startups.

Kevin Nickell

Kevin Nickell