Don't Abandon, Rather, Pivot Your Passion

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A Passion to Build  

I have always loved the creative design, development and process of building. As far back as my slowly aging mind takes me, I recall my grandfather handing me a two by four, some nails and a hammer in to keep me busy. I also spent countless hours, assembling thousands of pieces of one of the greatest toys ever invented, Legos. Yes, I was designed to build.

A few years later I expanded my ability and built a fort in a tree, followed by a double deck fort in the backyard. I quickly learned to have a quality build, I needed to design and plan how to build my fortress. Based on the finished product I had in my mind, to play in the fort I imagined, I knew I would need a design, a plan, materials, tools and craftsmanship.

Pivot Direction, Not Your Passion  

For most of my childhood I thought I was going to become a commercial or residential builder. During the first semester of my freshman year of college, I quickly realized the classes in my curriculum were not aligned with my learning style (likely attributed to dyslexia, but that’s for another post). However, soon after, I discovered other types of building that seemed to involve similar characteristics to building construction. This epiphany helped me to realize that I could still pursue my passion through the fundamentals of building, I just needed to pivot the direction of my passion. This, in turn, changed my drive to build buildings, to a passion to build products and business. I’ll expound on the type of products and businesses in later posts.

Identify Your Passion  

There were times in my career where I felt lost. I knew what I loved to do, but didn’t always see a match to a career. There are several self-assessment questionnaires you can take to help you better understand who you are and what makes you tick. If you are at this stage and struggling to see how your passion can be applied to different careers, I encourage you to invest a little time to identify career directions that may align with your native drive.

Ask Others  

One of things I genuinely enjoy is learning about what people do. While the engineer in me likes to hear about the functional or productive side of their job, I really enjoy hearing about why they do their job, and sometimes I get the insight into why they love their job. Next time you are with a group a people, whether they are good friends or strangers, ask them what they like, or perhaps love, about the work they do.


You are uniquely made. There isn’t a single person in this world that is exactly like you. You know yourself best and you are the person who has the greatest control of what, how and why you live your life. I encourage you invest the time and energy to continually strive to live out your passion in whatever you do.

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Jason Schoepke