Challenging Yourself to Success


I've always loved what I do, and boil my skill set down to problem solving.  I haven't always loved where I work, but I have to be honest in that its been a decent ride through the consulting world for me.

Being a business consultant, specializing in technology has led me to a few truths that you have to accept to be successful in this business.  First, many technologies and products I put in place are ones I have never done before. Second, neither has the customer, and my past experience often allows me to adapt and implement more quickly than the IT management at the customer.

Its hard to be good in this business without fully realizing 50% of what you do, is something new to you.  And then fully admitting this to the customer, expressing that your experience allows you to find success quickly.  Challenge yourself daily to learn more, try new things, gather knowledge. In the process, you will realize how little you actually know, yet find confidence in learning new technologies.

Kevin Nickell